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SU Groups

SU Groups create a place for young people to explore the Christian faith, bring friends, share ideas and enjoy time together. Through storytelling, open discussions, encouraging questions and sharing experiences pupils are invited to discover where faith can play a part in individual lives and the community.

Every SU Group is different. Primary or secondary school, large or small, it just depends on who comes along. Some groups are led by pupils, others by staff or parent volunteers. What they all have in common is people who want to spend time together thinking about God and looking at what the Bible has to say about life today in Scotland.

But some things are always the same….

  • SU Groups are an optional activity, often at lunchtime or maybe after school

  • Anyone who wants to come is welcome

  • It’s a place to explore the Bible and think about faith for yourself.


We work with a number of churches in the Kirkcaldy and Kinghorn area. We help support any existing youth work in the church or provide leadership and resource where it is required. We help run and lead holiday clubs through the summer, contributing to planning, teaching, and the recruitment of volunteers.


Holiday Clubs

These clubs usually run for a few days to a week throughout the year and at some point during the summer holidays. Each one has a mix of activities which include, crafts, games, stories, songs and film clips. We aim to:

  • Support local Churches in running these events.

  • Be part of the teams that deliver these events.

  • Provide primary age young people more opportunities to explore the bible and the Christian faith in creative and engaging ways.

Residential Events

Each year we are involved in Scripture Union residential events by :


Supporting and attending SU Lendrick Muir primary and secondary weekends.

  • We advertise these weekends in local school groups and encourage young people to attend.

  • We are part of the team that organise and run events

Aims of our residential events:

  • To ensure that each young person has a really good holiday.

  • To create a a safe Christian community.

  • To give each person on site opportunities to know God better.

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