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We view our activities in schools as part of the contribution to the spiritual development of the children through helping them learn about Christian beliefs, see authentic faith in action and encourage the development of an understanding of their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.


Our starting point is that children and young people are capable of making their own

informed choices and acting in their own interests. We are committed to educational

approaches that are holistic and inclusive, and offer support to schools in developing,

in all children and young people, their capacities as Successful Learners,  Confident

Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors. Therefore within schools

we support the Religious and Moral Outcomes within the Curriculum for Excellence.


We run Scripture Union Groups and after school activities in Schools providing the opportunity to explore the Bible and the Christian faith. SU Groups create opportunities for interested pupils to grow and develop spiritually, and are a place for them to explore the Christian faith and how it plays a part in people's lives. KART also supports and works with School Chaplains in Kirkcaldy.

KART School Protocol

Bringing the Bible to life...
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We offer a unique program ​


  • WTTB is an educational programme taught exclusively to children in the final 2 years of primary school.

  • It's a series of five 1 hour lessons for the Old Testament [OT Mini] and five 1 one hour lessons for the New Testament [NT Mini].

  • We locate the major geographical movements of all the key characters and make them memorable.

  • WTTB aims to teach children the storyline of the Bible - the big picture.

  • WTTB is non-denominational, non-confessional and non-conversionary.

  • Using storytelling, drama, videos, multi-media and more ensures that all learning types (audio, visual and kinaesthetic) can connect.

  • Our unique keywords and hand signs help everyone remember the storyline.

  • Above all WTTB is FUN, it gets children excited about the most amazing book of all time.


Every P6&P7 child in your school can know the storyline of the Old Testament through our series of action-packed 20min videos - and it won’t cost your school a penny!

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